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Activities are created but remains 'unvisible'


I use the last release of your component to generate C# classes for my 2 BAM activities.
I have 2 activites and generate a C# code file for OrchestrationEventStream.
I use the classes in an orchestration and I have a very strange behavior :
  • For my first Activity (named B2B), everything is fine,
  • But for the second activity (named B2BInstances), I have a record in the bam_B2BInstances_ActiveInstances with the column 'IsVisible' to NULL.
    I use the same code in my orchestration to begin, commit and end the 2 activities but only the B2B activity is well created.
    Have you an idea?
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tfabraham wrote Dec 3, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Hi -- there's no magic stuff happening behind the scenes; all of the code is in the generated source file. Have you compared what was generated between the two activities for any differences, or tried stepping through the generated code? Assuming that the activities are both fully and properly deployed, nothing comes to mind that would cause one activity to work and the other not.

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